The European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) is a network bringing together around 250 local and regional authorities from 16 European countries. Efus serves as a place for dialogue and discussion. It provides opportunities for the exchange of positive experiences, on the basis of inter-city cooperation. This helps to stimulate and orient policies at a local, national and European level, in the areas of crime prevention and urban security. The European Forum has a participatory status in the field of crime prevention within the Council of Europe, and a consultative status within the United Nations and the European Commission. National Forums have been created in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and Italy. Efus has been partner of and associated to a series of research projects, including several projects of the EU research framework programme, and regularly publishes policy briefs and overview papers.

Efus comprises an international network of experts from universities or private institutions, which assists cities in their common reflection in order to improve efficient action, through conferences, training programmes and exchange projects. One of Efus’ missions is to bring together research and practice. MEDI@SEC directly builds upon the work of Efus to empowercitizens and other non-LEA stakeholders in urban security processes.


Pilar De La Torre – Project Manager