Fraunhofer IAO has its finger on the pulse when it comes to today’s mega trends in technology and society, investigating and shaping themes and helping companies and institutions introduce new business models and efficient processes to make increase their success. It works closely with its partner institute – the Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) at the University of Stuttgart – as well as the Technical University of Berlin and a number of other institutes of higher education. The MEDI@4SEC team are based at The Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) is based in Berlin. CeRRI develops new approaches and methods which place societal demands at the heart of research. In cooperation with our clients and project partners they develop tailored analyses, innovative process models and individualized solution approaches for current challenges and issues relevant for the future.

An interdisciplinary team combining knowledge and skills from the natural sciences, economics, design, communication, social sciences and computer science provides MEDI@4SEC with significant strengths. It connects the communities and experiences of social media experts across law enforcement agencies and security planners. It provides inputs on recent technological developments in ubiquitous computing to understand social media beyond the current prominent network providers. And through its extensive practitioner networks it will work with emergency response organization to strategically adopt novel technologies.


Sebastian Denef