The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has responsibility for policing and security in Northern Ireland. Established in 2001, it replaced the Royal Ulster Constabulary as part of the overall Belfast peace agreement implementation. The PSNI is one of the most scrutinised Law Enforcement Agencies in the world and has operates within an accountability framework that ensures policing is delivered to the highest standards. PSNI follow the objective that “keeping people safe is what we do, policing with the Community is how we do it”. Policing with the Community is about understanding and responding to the human impact of policing and is at the very centre of the delivery of operational policing in Northern Ireland.

PSNI actively use social media across a range of policing disciplines with a specific focus on the areas of engagement, communication, crime prevention and investigation, crowd management and counter terrorism work. Active participation by the communities is encouraged, providing PSNI with valuable information to help shape local policing service delivery.

PSNI is actively engaged the area of European research and is presently the co-ordinator of the TENSOR project which focuses on the identification of terrorist generated content on the internet.


Una Williamson